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Monday, 5 September 2011

First Campaigner Challenge

Rach has set the first campaigner challenge prompt and rules :

Since I entered the following groups: Literary Fiction; YA; Romance and Chick Lit in the campaign and since I have written a number of romance pieces recently, I feel I should present this one as YA or Literary Fiction.

My Entry:


Oh Mother! by Madeleine Maddocks

The door swung open, letting in a shaft of light that crept across the floor, chasing away the darkness like a seeping dye.

“Time to get up!” the female voice snapped.

I replied in deep, throaty groans.

The sunshine continued on its journey across the bedroom floor, brightening up the pages of my dull physics homework and the crumpled heap of discarded socks and boxers that added to the rancid odour in the room.

Lying in the cosy warmth of the bed, I awaited the avalanche of grief from my mother for not opening a window to let the fresh air in and the smell of me out; for not putting my laundry in the appropriate basket; tidying up or getting up at a reasonable hour.

Then, as the sunshine crept over my bed, picking out my shape beneath the duvet cover, I suddenly shrank.

My eyes snapped open as the cold dawning horror that I was not at home, but staying with relatives, shook me awake. My gaze travelled up the fit, cute body of my cousin. Reaching Janice's face I noted her deep hazel eyes sparkling with hilarity, as she watched me squirm, before the door swung shut.

(200 words)

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