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Friday, 9 September 2011

Absolutely Historical!

Do you write or read historical fiction? 

What draws you to the genre?

I'm not much of a historical novel reader, though I love costume dramas in film and TV.

WHY?  It's probably because I often find the dialogue too flowery and convoluted on the written page.

Someone who handles dialogue so seemlessly is Sue Birtwistle. Her dialogue is representative of the era and yet it flows so beautifully from the actors mouths.

Historical Fiction Writing: A Practical Guide and Tool-Kit by Myfanwy Cook

I've been reading this text which I thoroughly recommend if you are planning to have a go yourself. It is also great for pointers that you can apply to other genres.I've already been caught out by amateurish mistakes.
Like me, the main things you've probably come across already are:
  • not enough research done
  • settings aren't specific enough to locate the reader with the characters into the correct era
  • too much historical detail
  • anachronisms creeping into the text
  • lame, stilted or over flowery dialogue, (or otherwise ramming that fine lace trimmed handkerchief down the poor reader's throats!)
Who would you recommend? What era's and sub-genres do you like?
Any good YA historical reads you'd recommend?