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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Third Writer's Platform Building Campaign

 I've signed up for Rachael Harrie's Third Writer's Platform Building Campaign again for this year. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you all, as usual.
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Have you signed up yet?
For the full lists and to sign up visit Rach's site

My chosen genres & allocated groups are:  

1. Raquel Byrnes
2. Dora Hiers
3. Liz
4. The Bird
5. LAussie
6. Julie F
7. Melanie
8. Angie Cothran
9. Sheery
10. Romancer
11. Angelina Rain
12. Katie
13. Brittany
14. Joy Allen
15. Myne Whitman
16. Marcia
17. Raelyn Barclay
18. Maggie Fechner
19. Claire Robyns
20. WS - Trisha (A)
21. Vanessa Hancock
23. Bri Clark
24. Meika
25. Gwendolyn Gage
26. ebarrettwrites
27. Brynne Betz
28. A well of words

Chick Lit
1. Joy
3. ZookBook
4. missi morris
5. Melanie
6. Ru
7. Astrid Paramita
8. Kelly McClymer
9. Brittany
10. Myne Whitman
11. Nicole Basaraba
12. Cheekyness
13. Vanessa Hancock
14. Meika
15. Jen Pickrell
16. Kristy
17. Christy Farmer
19. poetry & fictio
20. A Well of words
21. Kimberly
22. TirzahLaughs

Literary Fiction
1. ZookBook
3. BelfastWriting
6. Sheri Doyle (C)
7. Melissa Sarno-C
8. Dawn Malone (C)
9. Jaye Viner
10. Myne Whitman
11. Gail (C)
12. Sophie Whitley
13. Mary Mary
14. Christy Farmer
15. poetry & fictio
16. Poetry& Fiction
18. Anna Saikin (A)
19. Brynne Betz

16. Cheree
17. Samuel D. Grey
18. ArtistAuthorMom