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Monday, 20 June 2011

Doomed! Tag

When you receive the BLOG AWARD of DOOM (created by Sarah McCabe) your task is to post a short selection of your writing, 100-300 words, in which your favourite character suffers a horrible fate. It can be your favorite character from your own writing or from something you've read, it can be from a finished manuscript, a WIP or something you just made up on the spot. Your choice, but it has to be full of DOOM.

Whenever you use the word DOOM in your post, you must capitalize the whole thing.
 Pass it on to one other blogger and let them know their DOOM has come.
Remember that the person who passed the award on to you also received it as well. Go back to their post to read and comment on their writing sample. Make sure to thank them for sending the DOOM your way.

The lovely Ellie Garratt passed on this award-with-a-difference to me.

Was I filled with Trepidation? Yes!

Was I filled with an ominous sense of DOOM that I wouldn't know what on earth to write?
See for yourself below:

After the whoosh and the almighty boom. Silence. A dreadful sense of DOOM fell on me like a heavy layer of grey ash, while my heart strings plucked their own ominous mocking beat, a version of Beethoven’s 5th





Living up until now had not equipped me for such a post apocalyptic existence. My knowledge rolled down to almost zero. What did I know about survival? All my learning simply spelled one word, even the maths added up to it. The water was most likely contaminated. The air outside dirty, impure, unbreathable. I had little left to live on and I was all alone in the world. I had survived the worst catastrophe humankind could inflict on itself and I was still DOOMED. The end for me was nigh and all I could do was look on helplessly.    (141 words)

Blame my current read for the inspiration for this piece of flash fiction (McCarthy's The Road)

So now I must pass this award to someone else I choose Tony Benson of
Fireside Park

I was also Tagged by Lisa Potts.
Many thanks Lisa.

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