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Friday, 13 May 2011

Author Sandi Shelton's Favourite Writing Place #3

Here is the third and final interview post for the lovely Sandi Shelton.
Sincere Thanks to her for giving her time and trouble to answer all these questions so beautifully. 

Our thanks to Sandi for taking the time and trouble to introduce herself and share her writing journey.

See also Meet Sandi Shelton #1

And Meet Sandi Shelton #2

And to you my blog readers I will ask:
Where do you choose to write?

I have only once written in a Café , outside never inside; I have never plucked up the courage. I love to compose things on country walks and I love bright, sunny days to warm up my creative juices.

Blogger threw a wobbly. It took way longer than the hour they said to fix and they lost 2 posts and all the wonderful attached comments, so I have withdrawn my Friday post to re-schedule it for later and will re-post these missing posts with the comments inserted below.

Ellie Garratt said:
You saved the best questions to last, Madeleine and Sandi. With my writing break coming up I've already decided I can't do all my writing sat at the dining room table; I'd go crazy. So, I'll be spending some time at my favourite coffee shop.

Old Kitty said: Definitely stay off the internet and don't forget to get some exercise too! LOL!! Yay for Sandi!! Thank you lovely Madeleine for such a fun interview too!!
I need to write somewhere very quiet with a cat around! :-) Take care x

Damyanti said:
Don't answer the phone. Stay off the internet. Absolutely!
Thanks for sharing this interview

Paula said:
I wrote the first two chapters of my WIP on the terrace of a hotel in Luxor, overlooking the Nile. The visit to Egypt had given me the idea for a new novel, and I had to buy a notebook to start writing it there and then!

Damyanti & Old Kitty, yes I agree it's a weakness of mine to just check my blog/emails...
LOL Ellie, I haven't plucked up courage to do that yet.
Wow Paula that is fabulous! :O)