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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

J: Juicy Bits

You turn to the back of the book and what do you find?

A juicy, exciting excerpt?
A list of enthusiastically juicy comments from reviewers?
A juicy logline to get you interested?
Or A long and boring piece of explanatory prose? (Believe me these do exist)

Lisa Cardo from Writing in the Buff hosts a Friday Book Blurb fest which asks particpants to write their book blurbs in 150 words or less.   

What makes a juicy blurb?
  1. Making them short.
  2. Using attention-grabbing words and phrases.
  3. Adding question marks and exclamation marks.
  4. Leaving the reader with unanswered questions desperate to find out more.
Loglines are about 20 -50 words that sum up your entire story that makes the agent or publisher want to read on. So once again you've got to make sure it's juicy enough to excite them.

Apparently if you can't sum up your novel in this many words (1-2 sentences) then it needs revising.

Both are a way to sell your book and get it noticed among all the others.

So pose yourself these questions:
1. Who is the main character?
2. What is her/his goal?
3. What would happen if she/he didn't meet the goal?

Make sure it has:
1. A Killer title
2. An adjective about the hero. 
3. A goal we can relate to.
4. An adjective about the bad guy.

Try writing a logline and a blurb for your favourite novel. What did you come up with?