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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

D: Delicious Description

I'm a great Film and TV Sci Fi fan, but when it comes to reading Sci Fi novels I'm not so keen.


I guess it's because generally they are written in a certain (blokie) style of writing involving:
  • lots of action (which I do also appreciate up to a point)
  • more heavy on the telling than showing, (ie. less emotion and feelings);
  • lots of technical detail
While, I prefer the delicious showing through description and the emotion, as in the opening scene of  'The Wife's Tale' by Lori Lansens:

Such delicious description awakens the reader's mind to the MC's mood, her environment and the act which she's performing with just the right amount of detail.

In less capable hands this scene could be less uninteresting and informative or even somewhat sleazy.

Lori Lansens uses the perfect simile: 'Then inhaling the air like a post coital cigaratte'

She uses great imagery: peeling and spilling forth and creamy and by using the word 'blousy' you begin to realise that this is a large lady.

Instead of saying 'roof', she specifies 'slate roof'.

Inside of 'home', she tells us 'small rural home'

Do you excite the senses for your readers by using delicious description to bring to life the textures, sounds, tastes, smells and sights?

Do you prefer books that show or tell?