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Friday, 1 April 2011

A: Accents

A:  Do your characters spook in stroonge ACCENTS?

Giving your characters accents provides another dimension to your novel, but needs to be done without confusing your readers.

Using accents and dialects can create a richer flavour of how the characters speak without overwhelming the reader:

An accent is the manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location, or nation. It can identify the geographical or regional locality in which the speaker resides, as well as their socio-economic status ethnicity, caste or social class.
So when you recreate accents in your own work it is important to maintain a common reference so that your reader can get a flavour of the speech patterns without losing their understanding of what they are reading.

Dialect involves the differences in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

To understand what someone is saying to you there must be a shared knowledge, because it is the grammar that enables speakers to talk to and understand one another's dialects.Here's how dialect can be inserted subtly to give a good flavour of how the characters talk.


Nope I've not put dialects or accents in my writing, yet.

Have you considered using accents and dialect in your WIP?

Have you any favourite novels  that use accents/dialects well?