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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What's Your Process Blogfest

Life the Universe and Writing What's Your Process?  Blogfest Blog about ANY part of your writing process: how you create characters, how you plot your novel, how you organize your rewrites, your whole writing process from start to finish, anything. Even if you're a complete pantser, tell us your pantsing process. Do you write chronologically? Jump around? Edit as you go, or just dump it all on the page? Let us know!  Hopefully, we'll all be able to see how other people write, and pull out a few new gems to help us with our own creations! Sign up below, and pass the word around. The more of us there are, the more we can learn from each other.

Okay the above images will start to give you an idea of the theme of My Writing Process. When I started blogging I came across numerous posts from aspiring writers who spoke my language: "I find myself writing a first chapter or three or four, then everything dries up".

I thought "Hey, yes I know that feeling". Then I learned about 'Plotters vs Pantsers' and I realised with a creeping guilt that I must be a panster.

Finally, I had an epiphany moment when reading an article about the children's author

 Liz Kessler who said: "Using a notebook, I spend lots of time writing up vague notes, then when I realise I've got too many ideas I start typing them up on my computer" 

The notebook has to have the right feel for the book she's writing next.
I also remembered seeing J K Rowling on TV showing us glimpses of her notebooks filled with sketches and material for the characters and everything that will provide the background for her Harry Potter novels:

Click on Youtube clip below to see them:

Tolkien invented his own maps for his Middle Earth worlds.

Also, Philippa Gregory always researches her books for 2 years
before writing and must fill up lots of notebooks.

This says much about how AA Milne imagined his world of Winnie the Pooh

So I have stopped being a pantser and have started following these successful authors' advice and I am taking the research and notebook stage to heart, before plotting how I'm going to write my novels.

How about you?

NB: I have scheduled a few posts this week and apologies if I'm being quiet at the moment, I have done my lower back in and have had some stomach bug over the weekend that hasn't quite gone, so I'm trying to take it easy now.