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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Shout Out

Well Yay, I have reached the 203 followers mark,
which is fabulous! 
THANK YOU to all my followers
(those of you who have recently joined and those who have been following for longer).
I shall have to think up a suitable GIVEAWAY to celebrate.
In the meantime please accept this award.

Just a reminder:
Check out the Trilogy Contest

There's also a fab Giveaway at Unedited

There's a fun blogfest hosted by Frankie

You can read my entry by clicking on the link to get your pulses racing!

My Now Showing Blogfest is still open.

I thought this would make a fun, easy blogfest to start off 2011

The linkey will close on Friday 14th January 2011
You can post your entry any time between now and then.

To start the ball rolling I have composed my description of someone:
1.Dominic 4.Words Crafter/ Becky 7.Heather
2.Damyanti@ Amlokiblogs 5.Ellie Garratt
3.Nicole Ducleroir 6.Donea Lee

I have also devised a Flowing Fonts Blogfest
Your challenge is to write a flash fiction of 500 words that includes names of the various fonts in your piece. Make the language flow smoothly as your font characters and objects unfold.
E.G. your protagonist Bradley Hand might come across a Book Antiqua. What happens next? I wonder who can include the most font names and still come up with an effective piece?

LINKEY UP FEB 2011 There will also be a prize for the winning entry to celebrate my 200 followers mark. You must of course be a follower to be eligible.