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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hot Mugs Blogfest

ERICA & CHRISTY have a fun blogfest about HOT, HOT COFFEE mugs.  well, just one mug.  Simply post a picture of your very favoritest mug. The one you'd choose to drink from every time if it never needed to spend any time in the dishwasher.  The one you secretly eye whenever your significant other, mother, brother, best friend, [insert other] grabs it from the cupboard and you hold yourself back from snatching it out of their hand and shouting, "Give it back!  It's mine.  All mine!" Or just one you like almost that much. You don't have to share anything about the mug, but if you'd like to share the story behind it, well, that would just be an added bonus.  Most of my mugs hold a special significance.  I usually buy one while taking a vacation and have started a collection.

Okay, so this one was difficult for me because
I love my tea and I love my coffee.

Now you are probably going to call me really anal, but I have to have them in different dedicated mugs.

I like strong tea (not stewed) with a reasonable amount of unsweetened soya milk in it and it's got to be hot. I cannot abide cold or luke warm tea.

Also I cannot abide chunky, clunky mouthfuls of mug between my lips before I taste the tea, so there's the dilemma. Bone china mugs are wonderful for tea, break easily and get cold quickly in the winter, so what's a girl to do?

Then hubby gave me this mug: It's not pretty to look at (well for me anyway) but it is just the right shape and thickness to keep the tea hot and yet feel comfortable against my lips. I guess I'm pretty protective of it and wouldn't want to share it with anyone.

Then there's coffee. I love proper Italian ground coffee. I can no longer drink instant (yeuck!) and I like it Latte style, espresso strength in warm/hot sweetend soya milk, (otherwise it will curdle and it is yucky then) but although hubby bought me a lovely Pisces mug, I actually prefer the tall latte glasses you get in Costa Coffee.

Finally, the mug I wouldn't want anyone to touch purely because it is so special, is the one my friend, Sally, painted for me (depicting the first rag doll I ever made whose name is Miss Chevious, Veronica to her friends). I was so touched.

For my cloth figure creations See www.clothdollcreations.co.uk