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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What did Santa bring you?

Here's a little peek at some of my loot.
Spot the writer's theme.

So, what writerly stuff did you guys get?


  1. Those look good! (You know I have to go look them up and put them on my tbr list, right?) A book of idioms? I didn't know they had those! Lucky girl!

    I'm trying to get some books read this week....

    Earlier, around August, my computer began giving me all sorts of grief and Honey let me use his. It's now MINE! Yay!

    I also got some comfy jammies to write in, yummy lotions, and chocolate for nourishment ;)

  2. I wrote a comment, but I think I exited before posting! Anyhoo, you've got some great book selections! I got Stephen King's On Writing for Xmas plus a Borders book card that is burning a hole in my pocket. My kids got Borders book cards too so I am excited for a family trip to the book store soon!

  3. Look at all that wonderful loot! Jealous!

    I did get some lovely bubble bath. That may not sound writerly, but it's how I mark the end of my writing day!

  4. Nice..
    It seems you will have great fun... :)
    I bought two books myself..

    The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Muskeeteers..

  5. you got my favorite thing: books :)

  6. Hi Madeleine .. like you some books, olives and nuts, vino & a couple of bottles of champers - doubt there'll be any left come New Year!

    Looks a fun read and good haul .. enjoy the last few days of 2010 .. cheers Hilary

  7. It looks like you've got some awesome loot there. :D

    I didn't get much "writerly" stuff--unless I turn a hat into a thinking cap, LOL.

  8. Yay!! You got A Simples Life!! Wow!! LOL!! I got lots of baking and cookery stuff and Star Trek things this year! I think my friends and family are trying to tell me something! LOL!!

    Oh my bestest friend on this planet did get me two Torchwood books!! Hooorah!

    Take care

  9. Sounds like everyone's happy with their loot. Your contributions to the list made me smile.
    I like the sound of that thinking cap, too. I should get myself one of those :O)

  10. JACKPOT!! Nice. Glad you had a great Christmas!

  11. Looks wonderful! No writerly stuff for me, but a I did get a few shiny bobbles.

    Happy 2011!

  12. I got a ton of cash this year, so I went out and spent $60 bucks on books. :) I got like six new writing books, and some YA books I've been dying to read.


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Comments based on others' comments can lead to misunderstandings that spread like whispers!