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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

W.I.P Revisited

Some of you may recall my post entitled Sacrificial Manuscripts, well having written 34,000 words of my W.I.P and having gotten some variable responses from people who have read the first 2 chapters, I decided to follow my own advice and put it away for a couple of months and see whether I still liked what I'd written when I re-read it afresh.

Today I started re-reading and it soon became clear that perhaps what I had written was not as exciting as I had first imagined. I have extracted an excerpt from Chapter 8 to share with you all. I wonder what you make of this scene?

Click on image twice to open to readable proportions:

I have always loved to write (but usually non-fiction stuff) and expected to be able to write a publishable novel or short story almost immedately.

Now I think I just need to keep writing and reading until something clicks.
This is from chapter eight. Check out First Page Blogfest for the opening of Chapter One.