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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rising to the Challenge

Her palms were as sweaty as abandoned parchment in a damp crypt and her throat as dry as a neglected printer cartridge. The blogger swallowed and blinked as her fingers hovered over her keyboard. Wondering how she would ever cope with the latest Blogfest challenge, she clenched her teeth and began.

Challenges can be scary because they make you step outside of your comfort zone, which can be uncomfortable or enriching. Putting your work on the line to be seen and critiqued by others is a big step. However, there is no substitute for actually having a go ourselves.  

I find enormous benefits from receiving feedback from others to help me mature as a writer and to try out new ideas and genres.

With that in mind I have created a new page on this blogsite dedicated to blogfest challenges. 
BUT How do you feel about blogfests?
Do they fill you with dread, indifference or excitement?

I wonder how many blogfests you've entered and who has done the most. So far I've done 5, with 3 more on the horizon.


  1. They inspire me to write and I don't worry about what others will think; I assume they'll know I'm not displaying my very best work. At least I hope so. . .

  2. Hi, Madeline! Thanks for following me; I'm happy to cheer you on. I see you're from South Devon, one of the prettiest areas in the world (and setting for some fab mysteries.)

    I think blog fests are important but they can also run one in circles, usually fun, tho.

  3. I love blogfests! They encourage me to write something new- almost like a class would...I get excited!

  4. I enjoy blogfests because they give me something to write about! And they can be a challenge if it's a topic that's outside of my comfort zone.

    And it's great to see what other people come up with for the same topic :-)

    PS. There's a little blog award for you on my blog...

  5. If its interesting and not too time consuming then am always up for it.
    I am looking forward to the cinderella shoe blogfest now that one is interesting.

  6. Looks like a thumbs up from everyone for blogfests, which is great :O)Hoorah! Good luck in those you all enter.


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Comments based on others' comments can lead to misunderstandings that spread like whispers!