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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

One Shot Wednesday

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© Madeleine Sara Maddocks Oct 2010
Most people don’t really ‘get’ this poem. Do you? I'd love to know what you think.
I imagined hindsight as a beautifully bewitching woman, much like the main character in a novel I read called 'Singling Out The Couples' by Stella Duffy
According to poetry competitions, a poem should stand alone without the need for footnotes and epigraphs or images. So I wonder does it make sense without them.

While I love to read the background to people's ideas I hope you don't need to read it to get the poem.
WHY DID I WRITE THIS POEM? I wanted to explore the use of idioms and to challenge the idea that the ability or opportunity to understand and judge an event or experience after it has occurred is necessarily a beautiful thing. I imagined a cleverly manipulative, ethereal lady of Shallot character who dupes us with all her charms; seizing upon our naivety to create the hindsight paradox. By not allowing us to see what’s there until it is too late, the knowing almost becomes a burden. Our opportunity to understand and judge the event after it has happened becomes closely allied to our understanding and judgment of this Siren after she has fooled us. A case of if only I’d listened to my instincts.