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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Moleskine Magic: One Shot Wednesday

After much contemplation I finally decided on the identity that I wanted to give my new Moleskine.

Having lots of ordinary A5 notebooks in which I dash off my ideas in illegible scrawl, it was important to me that this notebook should be used differently. So, yes, it has been sitting on my desk, untouched, all this time while waiting patiently for some inspiration.

Painting a Picture with Words came to me as I thought about the original letter I had written that won me the Moleskine in the first place. I decided to make my Moleskine Notebook an Inspiration-Progression notebook showing the development of my ideas from original freewrites, images and drafts to the completed poem or prose reference.

The handwriting may still be illegible scrawl, but at least I’ve made a start!

See One Shot Wednesday blog hop.
No, not caffeine hits!
I developed a poem from the ideas in the moleskine,

written as a judgemental depiction of an imagined character, inspired by experience of a bullying colleague, nick-named ‘Lemon Lips’ that evolved from Kafka’s Metamorphosis theme.


  1. I'm not the only one whose handwriting really is a scrawl. LOL. But as long as you can read it and it inspires they kind of writing your poem shows, keep on scrawling!

  2. Wow that is a great poem!

    I could imagine the lady. How she looks, speaks and acts.

    Well done! :-)

  3. Thank you soo much Ellie and Misha. :O)

  4. i like the image of the notebook...i understand about the scrawl as well...as far as the poem...the lemon tinted glasses...i have known people like that as well...you portrayed them nicely with you words...embittered eyes...nice touches. great one shot.

  5. Nice way of drawing a picture with words. It is easy to picture the woman described, and yet we probably all have different images taken from people we have known. Good job.

  6. Love the poem and congrats on getting the Moleskine. I read your winning letter, by the way.

  7. Love the rhyme and images you use. My fav part is when the lines of bitterness are squeezed from her lips—awesome poetic idea.

  8. You've illustrated that page of your notebook beautifully. There is something special about those moleskine ones isn't there. What a lovely lemony poem! I could almost taste it.

  9. i like how your notebook looks - i usually take some post it or pieces of paper..have to think about a notebook as well...also a great idea with the poem..know people like this...will call them lemon people from today on...

  10. Lovely imagery brings a smile, as well as your "freshly squeezed" words, love the wordplay! ~April

  11. Oh thank you Brian, Ben, Dustus, Joanne, Christine, Claudia & April for such lovely supportive comments. LOL!

    Glad you all liked my poem about a bitter woman ;O)

    Glad Christine that you also enjoyed my winning Moleskine letter in Writer's Forum mag.

  12. I like how you plan to develop your ideas in this moleskin. The poem is wonderful. Sad to say, I think I might know this person. (Or one very like her.) :)

  13. Ah, Kafka...

    Great poem. Quite entertaining. Good use of rhyme and imagery to describe someone I think, unfortunately enough, we all have or all shall meet at some point in our lives!

  14. What a fabulous poem, I'm so jealous!

    Great idea to give your new Moleskine an identity too. I read the piece that won it in Writers' Forum - well deserved :o)

  15. Thank you Cian and Karen.
    Blushing now :O)))))

  16. Its a great poetry .. and I liked so much.. thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  17. Nelma Curd sounds like a chracter from a Beatles song... what a great name!

    Nice One Shot, Madeleine!

  18. Amazing wordplay, what a fantastic poem!! Nice One Shot my friend xxx

  19. Yours is a great poem to come across, quite entertaining and well written!

  20. I used to always fill notebooks with word sketches, ideas, and observations. I really should do that again, but now it mostly goes into files on my computer.
    The poem is a wonderful character sketch.

    Tossing It Out


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Comments based on others' comments can lead to misunderstandings that spread like whispers!