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Friday, 22 October 2010

Blogfest Open Cinderella's Shoe

Don't worry guys this isn't a girlie thing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with.
You've got bags of time to join in. Could the lost item be something valuable? A pet? A piece of clothing? A person? A toy? A passport or ID document?

All you do is:
  1. Post your entry for the Blogfest theme on your blog.
  2. Sign up on the linkey at the bottom of this post
    [NB: To be fair to everyone playing PLEASE ONLY ENTER LINKS that lead to a Blogfest item.]
  3. Leave a comment for the blog host (me), below. Thank you 
  4. Visit the other blog sites signed up to this Blogfest linkey page and leave comments
  5. If you don't feel inspired to join in, do please advertise this blogfest on your blogs for us. Thank You.
1. Tossing It Out
2. Ellie
3. Disc Connected
4. Tessa C
5. Stephen T. McCarthy
6. Doris --Hold my hand
7. Rebel in Remission
8. Heather M. Gardner
9. Roland D. Yeomans
10. Talei Loto
11. Dominic de Mattos
12. Michael Di Gesu
13. Liz

Initially I started out with a different idea which grew into a much larger story, that was too long for this contest, but on one of my walks I spied something which sparked the idea for my piece:

This is what inspired the piece:
My interest in TV shows like 'Psychic Detectives' did the rest.