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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Blanched Brains

I suddenly realised the other day how bad my spelling was getting.

In the past I was known for my spelling prowess. My school friends would quake in their boots if they showed me their work in case I pointed out a word that needed correcting. I learned not to be so 'helpful' for the sake of peace and harmony.

Nowadays with computers, Microsoft and spellchecker, I blithely 'right mouse click' on my typos while editing my Manuscipts and have realised that I'm forgetting how to use my brain.

I'm forgetting how to spell. I am de-skilling myself  through sheer lazy convenience,
letting the machine do all the work.

Also because of UK versus US spellings my MS's are littered with contradictions, as sometimes I choose to use the 'z' version and others the 's' as in 'recognise'.

Don't get me wrong I do love and use my hardback

Oxford English Dictionary and my Roget's Thesaurus

to look up words, but I have found I must start using my brain again, as well.

Is this something you recognise in yourself?