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Saturday, 25 September 2010


In our Novel Blogfest you can tell us which books are your top 10 to 0.
Classic favourites or new authors
? You decide. Please visit others who have signed up for this Novel Blogfest. (see linkey below) You’re bound to remember a few classics you may have forgotten or find something new to enjoy. Remember to leave a comment, too.
These would also be my recommendations for
allerpidder day's 'Fall Into Reading'.

See also Michelle Teacress' Bloghop
I look forward to seeing everyone's Novel choices.
Don't worry if you can't manage 10.
Just let us know the seminal works that affected you in some way.
Here's my 10 to 0 count down to get things started.
My choices are stories with the ability to enfold their language around their reader, hooking them in and sending them on amazing journeys from the very first word to the very last sentence with drama, humour, psychology and humanity.

I was a terribly slow reader even though I loved books and writing. Then I came across ‘The Millstone’ (at age 17yrs) which I read in 4 hours. James Herriot was the first author who made me laugh out loud. I adore novels with rich language and a pace that keeps up all the way through. I love characterisations that show psychological insights and characters who although may have faults also show kindness and humanity and stories where the characters overcome adversity.

AUTHORS: Margaret Drabble; Bernice Rubens; Marian Keyes; Alexander McCall Smith; James Herriot; Andrea Levy; Lori Lansen; Frank Cottrell Boyce; Patrick Ness; J K Rowling*; J.R. Tolkien 
(* YA fiction)