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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Mechanics of Critiquing

You can picture the metaphor can’t you? The reviewer-mechanic who looks into the engine of your story, scratches his head, tuts and sighs before offering a verdict:
             “It’s not good. It’s going to need a lot of work and the cost of repair is prohibitive. You might as well scrap it and start again”. Oh and he adds “I’d say your driving was pretty atrocious!”

Now picture a different reviewer-mechanic, who makes encouraging noises. He smiles and says:
       “The engine block is pretty sound, as is the Carburettor and with a little oil on the Timing Gears and replacing the Manifolds it should run more smoothly. It'll be on the road in no time!”

Okay so I'm no mechanic and maybe, unlike me, you've not received the negative kind of criticism about your work? I hope you've only had the positive, constructive kind.

Creative writing, by its very nature, is incredibly exposing and ultimately drives the author into the path of criticism. Self doubt may follow if the feedback isn't suitably constructive. However, good feedback can be deliciously gratifying. 

Constructive reviewing makes all the difference between an author developing and improving through specific feedback couched in a positive delivery that doesn’t leave them on the edge of despair and ready to drive over the next available cliff.

I've recently had some really positive, constructive feedback that made my day. It made me ready for my next journey; ready to  travel to new horizons.
 So, may all of us receive constructive feedback every time! It's so much more fortifying, don't you think?