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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Waiting Game with Walter Mitty

After I write my short stories and poems I then badger my hubby to read them aloud to me. I find it’s a good way to hear the mistakes and check the flow of dialogue and ideas. Naturally he agrees to this with a resigned stoicism. Bless!

Then I begin re-editing and polishing the work until eventually I decide it’s done and ready to print off. Popping it in the postbox, I walk away with a hopeful, excited flutter running through me.

Then I wait.
All the while, as the hours stretch into days, then weeks and months I try to get on with my life, while every day stretches out like its own personal month and I try to tell myself to forget about the manuscripts. Just be patient. As I wait, I day dream like Walter Mitty, imagining how awesome it will be when the manuscript is accepted.

In quieter moments, I pluck the possibilities: 'accepted', 'declined', 'accepted' like petals in a game of 'He loves me, he loves me not! '

Naturally I want everyone to love my literary offspring as much as I do, while knowing full well that although this would be awesome, it isn’t always possible.

What do you do?


  1. Hi Madeleine!
    I too daydream, rather more than is strictly necessary, I've found in recent months the best way to fill this waiting time is to keep writing.
    The best advice I was given was to have lots of your work 'out there'. That way, when I get a rejection, I can think 'Never mind, there's still several more out there with a chance'
    Best wishes

  2. Awh bless you, thanks. That is sound advice. I'm currently writing a novel, so I switch between that and magazine submissions and competition entries.
    I just need to learn to 'let go' more, maybe?
    Madeleine x

  3. Would echo P & P's advise, Madeleine. The rejections are certainly less painful if you still have 'something' out there! x


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Comments based on others' comments can lead to misunderstandings that spread like whispers!